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Looking for the Travel Funding information?

Use the following Google Documents link to apply for Student Travel Funding: click here

Deadline to apply is August 1st

Console-ing Passions 2023 is organized by Jessalynn Keller, Alora Paulsen Mulvey, Tamara Shepherd and Samantha Thrift from the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary.

The CP2023 UCalgary committee would like to thank the following UCalgary financial sponsors:

Calgary Institute for the Humanities, Department of Communication, Media and Film, Department of English, Department of Sociology, Environmental Media Lab, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Graduate Studies, and Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.

We are also very grateful for the financial support we received from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Thank you!


Huge thanks to our fab team of reviewers:

Julia Chan, Melissa Click, Hunter Hargraves, Julia Himberg, Charlotte Howell, Jessalynn Keller, Deborah Jermyn, Amanda Ann Klein, Al Martin, Alora Paulsen Mulvey, Andrew Owens, Tamara Shepherd, Samantha Thrift, Jacqueline Vickery

And thank you to our UCalgary volunteer team:

Leslie Salgado Arzuaga, Asma Bernier, Emilie Charette, Crystal Chokshi, Shena Kaul, Mary Keller, Claire O'Brien, J Overholser, Pamela Pan, Rebecca Wissink, Amanda Zanco.

A special thanks to Dr Charles Tepperman, CMF Dept. Head, for his steadfast support of the conference, and the CMF admin team for providing administrative assistance.